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What is Alexa's ranking?

Alexa (daughter of has been providing a free toolbar to Internet users since mid-1997, providing users with some useful web tools in their browser. In his own words, the toolbar has been downloaded more than 10 million times worldwide. The toolbar provides information about the websites the user visits. Since there are millions of toolbar users worldwide, Alexa may indicate the popularity of a website and related websites, but this is different from the domain authority). It provides information for free on its website and also provides regular reviews of the most popular sites (by category or language). For example, it reviews the top 100 websites in the Dutch language area and the traffic ranking for each website (Alexa ranking) and related sites (if included in the database). This is a great website for web marketers and website administrators. The question is how reliable are these numbers?

Alexa reliable rating

For years, the reliability of Alexa rankings has been debated. According to many, numbers have no value (see conversations on and, for example). Others use the rankings for public relations or research purposes. The reliability of Alexa rankings is largely based on the number of toolbar users and the representation of those users. It has already been pointed out on the help page that there are relatively many users in South Korea who are making South Korean websites (very) long. The exact number of Toolbar users and the identities of these users are unfortunately not public, and questions about them have not yet been answered, which means nothing about the reliability of the rankings. However, it is possible to pronounce the rankings based on the number of visits to the website and their rankings. Thus, several steps have been taken to establish a relationship between the number and ranking of visitors. Probably, the number of users in English-speaking countries is higher than non-English speaking countries except South Korea like the Netherlands. The expansion of measurement points already indicates that the reliability of the rating is not very high. However, it is now possible to estimate the number of visitors per day based on the ratio.

How is Alexa rated?

Alexa ranks websites based on the information they receive through the Alexa Toolbar or Alexa Rank Checker. This toolbar is available for Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer and via the Alexa website. To access these statistics, users must install the Alexa Toolbar, which means that the data is not based on all Internet users.

Does Alexa Score Affect Search Engine Position?

Many marketing agencies say that a website does not take into account the Alexa score, but unless you understand the factors that affect Google's page rank, you cannot exclude the Alexa score. In research, I see similarities between page rank and score. When almost identical websites with the same PageRank appear in search results, the website with the lowest Alexa ranking increases in search engines. Of course, it is difficult to confirm whether it is directly in the Alexa score.

Why Alexa is rating important?

Before this latest Alexa Rank Checker, you should be able to learn, why do you need to use this tool? Well, the rating system is mostly done on Alexa verifies the level of visits to your website and makes it normal. This is a popular ranking analyzer that helps you check the number of page views and many other important parameters that can come in handy when it comes to search engine optimization. One of the major benefits of Alexa Rank Checker is that you can easily compare to your site and monitor your performance using this great tool. Careful analysis of statistics can help you learn more about the good points and bring those same points to your website and blog. Alexa Rank shows the popularity/number of visitors to the blog. Represents your visitor statistics! Want to know the number of visitors from your competition? Alexa Rank gives a hint! While PageRank and Domain Authority gets the highest rankings, the rankings are accurate - the lower your rankings, the better.

What is the unique feature of Alexa Rank Checker?

The Alexa Rank Checker tool offered by SEO FREE Tools is one of the best working tools. We have already done extensive research on the introduction of this tool which has made us a good tool. To use this tool, all you have to do is show your domain name and all the useful information. Alexa Tool tells you what you want to spend on marketing. In developing this great SEO tool, we've made sure that all the pros and cons are accounted for and that the elements we've tried and tested have been built very efficiently. The expansion of measurement points already indicates that the reliability of the rating is not very high. However, it is now possible to estimate the number of visitors per day based on the ratio. For business and scientific purposes, these paid alternatives are recommended. For quick and dirty scans, free alternatives like rankings are great to use, and of course, you have to understand that reliability is limited.


Final verdicts

Some numbers, as mentioned above, are snapshots. If you read this article at another time, it is likely that, for example, Alexa Rank or the number of visitors to your site will no longer match.


Alexa Traffic Rating:

Alexa Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of, based in California, USA, which specializes in business web traffic data.

This is a hint for websites that tell them how many visitors have visited their page. Website owners and bloggers keep checking the price of their websites in the Alexa Toolbar to find out how popular they are in the online world, as well as the ranking of their competing sites.

Alexa's traffic ranking is based on 3 months of traffic data collected from its toolbars. The more sites visited the lower the Alexa Rank value. Google is the most visited site in Italy. Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo follow closely.