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 The Link Analyzer tool

The Link Analyzer tool is an effective online utility that allows you to analyze your overall link profile and find web page sources that are great for creating links. Many popular search engines consider links a sign of trust or vote for a particular website. Links with great content also send a great deal of high-value traffic that you are looking for. Therefore, free link analysis software is very important.

Now, whether you're doing regular link audits or responding to Penguin's latest updates, Duplicate Checker lets you review and analyze all of your links. You can use our link analysis tool to analyze external and internal links that search engine spiders can easily find on a particular page of your site. Search engines, like Google, use spider links to index and test the relationship between a website's internal link structure and web pages.

How to use:

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  • The Link Analyzer tool analyzes the inbound and outbound links of any URL.      
  • This tool will provide the URL, anchor text, and no follow information for each link found.

What's the difference between inbound and outbound?

An internal link is a link to another page in the same domain. For example, you may find links to a page, contact page, blog post, etc. in your menu. Each of these links points to the same domain (your website) and is therefore considered an internal link.

Outbound links are links to your website that point to another domain. For example, if you link to a friend's website from your links page, it will be considered an outbound link, since you link from your domain ( to another domain (

How can link analysis tools help in SEO?

Link Analyzer helps you determine the ratio of outbound links to inbound links for any domain. In general, too many outbound links can be unhealthy for a website's search performance. There are many factors, but it is often advisable to avoid a large number of outbound links rather than internal links.

This tool is especially useful for researching other websites that link to you, as it provides information about the anchor text that is used, as well as the follow-up tags that affect the power of backlinks.