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What is page authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a single web page's quality score that estimates how well a particular page ranks in the SERP. Page authority is a term introduced by Moz. The Page Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. PA Score is a top concern for most SEOs and they are right. The most common SEO strategies like creating high quality content and link building are done solely for the purpose of improving page authority. However, this finding alone cannot guarantee the visibility of the research; Contextual fit with the query is also needed, but it is definitely a strong indicator of overall SEO performance.

About Page Authority Checker

Wondering what is a page authority checker? Well, it is a tool for calculating the main website ranking and ranking factors for a single page or in other words a single URL of your website.

What is a good page authority score?

You should also think about that. Many website owners ask this question to find out the perfect number. There is no exact number for page authority. It depends on the good market. A PA score of 50 is lower. But there is a practice you can follow to find out the best PA score anywhere. List all your competitors on the first page, check the page authority for all of them, scroll down to their results, and calculate the average score of all the results.

This will give you an idea of ​​how strong your page is to stand out and how much effort you should put into SEO. The higher the degree of authority of the page, the higher the ability of a particular page to rank in search engine results, especially Google.

Page Authority vs. domain authority?

There are many measures of authority, direct and indirect, created by Moz. The two most well-known and widely used are PA and DA. If you are a webmaster, you should also know the difference between domain authority and page authority. While page authority gives you an estimated ranking strength of just one page, domain authority, on the other hand, is a measure of the visibility and ranking strength of an entire website.

Are you looking for a way to improve your page authority??

Are you a victim of low page authority and looking for how to increase page authority? Then you've come to the right place. Let's look at some of the ways you can improve your Page's authority:

• First of all, create a page on a domain with high authority.

• Ensure that the content of a particular page is highly relevant, detailed and free from plagiarism.

• Ensure that your page is fully optimized and functional.

• The internal link to and from the page must be included.

• Get as many high-quality internal links as possible, in terms of link relevance and external source authority (you must point to your specific page).

• Don't forget to remove any bad links that may point to your website.

Last but not least, keep a regular check of your PA score with any Page Authority Checker (why not use our PA Checker?) and use the Domain Authority Checker to check the Domain Authority of any website

Why our Permissions Checker page??

There are many PA score checker tools available online, so why should you use our Page Authority Checker? The requirements of our users and ease of use have always been our top priority, and for that, we bring you another error-free, fast and reliable tool - “Page Reference Checker”. Not only is this PA checker fast and convenient, it's also free which makes it even better. Moreover, this is a very easy method. Check out the page authority for yourself and see!

How to use our Page Authority Checker??

Among the innumerable tools, we guarantee that checking the page reference is the most convenient way. You can use this handy tool to check the result with just one click. To check the authority of the page, simply enter the URL of the page you wish to analyze. Our PA Checker will give you individual PA and DA scores. You will also find out the number of root domain links as well as the total number of links pointing to each page. Finally, a simple status section will let you know if there are any issues with the result.