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Server Status Checker

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Server status checker

Our super tool helps you to know if the status of a particular website is offline or online. All you have to do is enter the domain or sub-domain name to check the status of your website. Users can enter up to 10 URLs at a time, all on separate lines. Our free-to-use tool can be accessed in Checker, for ease of use.

Our tool plays an important role in checking various issues related to your website because it checks the status of the server. Put up to 10 sites in the provided text box and it will display an HTTP status icon and the status of each site. Each server status icon has a distinct meaning. Listed below are several server states with their meaning:

  1. 200: Indicates that your site is healthy and that the server is returning the URL of the website you requested.
  2. 301: This means that your site address has been permanently moved to a new site address and all domains and subdomains must be redirected to the new site.
  3. 302: Indicates that the server has found a temporary redirect to the website. This website URL must be reused as it is temporary.
  4. 307: Similar to 302.
  5. 400: Indicates an invalid request. This indicates that the server is unable to understand the URL of the website you are requesting.
  6. 401: Unauthorized access.
  7. 403: Forbidden indicates that the server will not display any content until, or unless access to that content is justified.
  8. 404: Not Found. We get frustrated when we get this error message because we are not getting the result we are looking for, which means that the file you are looking for is not on a web server.
  9. 410: Similar to 404.
  10. 500: An internal server error. This error message frustrates the webmaster, web developer, and individual visitor website because this error is very server-related and should be resolved in a shorter period.

The ability to inspect the URLs of our tool makes it a great tool than any other tool on the Internet.

How to use SEOFREETOOLS server Checker Server Health Checker?

Our highly advanced server health check tool is used to check the server health of a particular website. The server status of the site will notify the webmaster if it is offline or online. The online status indicates that the website is working properly and any user can visit it easily, while the offline status indicates that there is an error with the website and some users cannot open the website. To use our tool, the user has to enter the domain name details in the provided tool field, and the tool will do the rest of the work for you. Our tool should be used at regular intervals as the server can go down at any time affecting the users. Therefore, by using our tool, the site administrator can periodically monitor the status of the site and take immediate action whenever the site's status decreases.

What makes Server Health Checker different?

SEOFREETOOLS server Checker is a well-known name in the world of free online SEO tools that provides powerful tools for webmasters to improve the performance of their websites. The main objective of SEO-free tools Checker is to help webmasters in the best possible way and that is why we provide SEO tools for free use. The server health checker provided by SEOFREETOOLS Checker can check the optimal health of a particular website.

One person can put the URLs of 10 websites at a time, and the tool will check the server status of 100 websites in just a few seconds. Our tool allows the user to check the server status of the website. If someone tries to check the status of a site owned by another user, our tool will not display the status, because the user is not authorized to check the status of the server. Also, webmasters can use our tool for free.

What are the benefits of SEOFREETOOLS.ORG Server Health Checker?

It is very important to check the server status of a site from time to time, as it tells the site administrator that the site is working properly and that users do not have to face any complications when loading a website. A website is created for the convenience of the user and if it does not work properly the motive behind the website design fails as the user will have to face many complications when loading a website and getting information from a website.

Another notable feature of our tool is maintaining visitor traffic on the site. The offline status of the site indicates that the user cannot access the site and therefore the visitor will switch to another site, thus reducing the viewer's traffic. So, use this tool to check the server status of a website and whenever you encounter an offline state, take the basic steps to get it online. It will be beneficial for both the webmaster and the visitors as they can easily access the site without any problem, which will keep the visitors moving on the site.

Server response time as SEO criteria

How fast does the server respond to page load time? This is in turn a rating criterion! Therefore, server response time and health checks can provide great information for backlink acquisition candidates. Also with SEO maintenance, it can be useful to look not only at your domains but also to check the response times of domains, which require backlinks, from time to time. The performance of a particular site is not only important for practical reasons. It is an important aspect of a positive user experience. Try our great tool and get everything you want!