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The SEOFREETOOLS.ORG URL Decoder allows you to convert an unlimited number of characters to the ASCII code format. You can also encrypt strings and texts with this tool.

What is URL Escape?

As the name implies, URL escape converts all those entities that are not supported by browsers to hexadecimal encoding. Most URLs are uniformly encoded. There are two steps in which URL escape works online.

In the first step, all characters in the string were separated using UTF-8 encoding.

Convert every non-ASCII character to hexadecimal values.

See the table below for the backend key code for each character set.

All character codes encoded by this process are followed by a % sign. For example, the space will become %20 or in modern browsers + can also be used. Similarly, %3A and %2F are the hard disk encoded formats for: and /.

How does the decoder work on the Internet?

When it comes to seeing different codes, we can't read codes. For example, we can easily understand @ because it is a symbol. But what if you have to read %40 it is the same code but when we read it in the URL we use this code.

Understand the encoding/decoding process

URL encoding is a comprehensive process of translating non-printable scripts from a URL into an easy-to-read format that is very useful for developers to understand the structure of a URL. Decryption is the reverse of the encryption process. It includes setting symbols in plain text and a clear uniform format that is easily recognizable.

What are the uses of URL encoding?

The RFC 1738 URL specification states that only a small set of characters are allowed in a URL. These characters are listed below:


– (Hyphen or Dash)

a to z (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)

_ (Underscore)

0 to 9 (0123456789)

. (Period)

$ (Dollar Sign)

! (Exclamation or Bang)

+ (Plus sign)

* (Asterisk or Star)

( (Open Bracket)

‘ (Single Quote)