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About Get Source Code of Webpage

What is the source code?

Source code is the programming behind any web page or program. In the case of websites, this icon can be seen by anyone using different tools, including their web browser. However, this is a bit tricky on both Android and iOS phones.


To solve most problems with a website, it is necessary to look at its source code. You can also view the source code of any website for educational purposes and see how it works. However, we recommend that you do not copy the code of your website unless expressly permitted, as this may infringe the copyright of the developer or owner of the website.

Use the view source to read the HTML code of the website

In most cases, you can view the source code of any website by clicking on the sidebar of your browser and entering view source: followed by the full page URL (for example, view-source: However, this is not always possible, especially on mobile devices.

What does this site do?

The tool on this website solves this problem and allows you to view the formatted version of the source code of any website. Just copy and paste the website link above. Then click View Source. An additional advantage is that you can even read pages that may be blocked in your country or by your ISP. We ask that you use this tool only for lawful purposes.

Importance of source code for SEO

Page font is also very useful when you are doing search engine optimization or SEO. The search engine only sees the source code of the site. Even if your website looks perfect to you, it may not match the criteria required by the search engine crawler. Get in the habit of reviewing your code, especially important heading tags like title and description.