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What is WHOIS?

When you register a domain name, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires your domain name registrar to submit your personal contact information to a WHOIS database. Once your listing appears in the online domain WHOIS directory, it will be publicly available to anyone who chooses to verify domain names using the WHOIS lookup tool.

There are a variety of third parties that can verify domain names against the WHOIS validation database, including:

• People check domain names to see expiration dates.

• Registrars verify domain names after transfer of ownership.

• Authorities verify domain names when investigating criminal activity.

As an accredited domain name registrar, Network Solutions must comply with the WHOIS database requirements established by ICANN. However, to ensure that customers are comfortable viewing their personal information, Network Solutions offers three options for its WHOIS database listing.

Public WHOIS Database List

If you are comfortable making your information public and do not want the additional fees associated with private domain registration, Network Solutions will submit a public listing to the WHOIS lookup database. This list will include your name, address, phone number, email address, and the expiration date of the domain name. The website's IP address and hostname will also be listed.

WHOIS Private Database List

Providing your personal information to the public will increase your risk of being a victim of hackers, spammers, and even data miners. To keep your contact information out of the reach of those who might use it maliciously, Network Solutions® offers private domain name registration. For a small monthly fee, we will act as your agent, which means that anyone who searches WHOIS for your domain name information will find our contact information, not yours.

WHOIS search

Our WHOIS lookup services are designed to help you achieve peace of mind and peace of mind. Our exceptional customer service team is here to help guide you through the easy WHOIS setup process, while our private WHOIS database listing ensures your information is protected. You can also use our WHOIS lookup services to find out when the domain you are monitoring expires and who owns it if your information is public. Choose network solutions for your trusted WHOIS provider.

Network Solutions believes that its clients must ultimately decide how to include their contact information in the WHOIS database. When you are ready to register a domain name, consider your WHOIS options before your personal information is publicly available.