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Understanding the URL or website redirect is very simple, it is a server-based function to send the user from one website to another. Redirects are performed for many reasons by websites due to changing their address. Among them, the most important reason is to synchronize your site with the latest search engine optimization techniques. Let's not waste time and discuss when to apply 301 or 302 URL redirect

Be aware that the 301 redirect has the most significant impact on SEO to pass the link value to a newly created web page, and the 301 redirect relationship must know the link value.

Before 2016, 301 negatively affected page rank, but today things have completely changed. A website would have experienced a loss of about 15% in page rank if it used 301 redirects. The former head of random web content at Google, Matt Cuts, explained this measure but did not give an exact figure for the loss which is his face in the ranking Page due to redirects. However, it was officially announced in June 2016 that no website will experience a drop in page rank due to redirects. Alternatively, it can lead to more organic traffic to the web page.


Redirection test: types of redirects

There are several types of redirects that you can perform on your website or your pages. Some of them are directly related, while others are indirectly related to SEO. As we mentioned above, many redirects are performed on the website. Before we continue, let's take a look at the functionality of all types of URL redirects.

300 multiple options:

This icon indicates that there are several possible options that the user can make use of to redirect the website. A typical example of this is switching from one language to another, which is generally known as localization.

301 redirect:

The 301 status code is used to transfer all clicks from the old URL to the new one. It is used by websites that make changes to your domain name and companies that have been incorporated. You can identify it using the 301 redirect validator.

302 Status found:

Similar to 301, 302 also moves clicks to another URL, but it is only for a specified period and cannot be approved permanently. Link juice is not transferred to the new URL; therefore, search engines do not rank the new URL in this case. The new version of this code has been changed to "found", which was previously "moved temporarily".

307 Temporarily moved:

This HTTP status code is implicit for the temporary transmission of clicks. 307 should be used during server maintenance or for any other reason where moving material to a new URL is mandatory.

Meta update:

It is a technology implicit in websites to automatically refresh the page after a specified time. The Meta Refresh redirect is applied to every page rather than the entire site.

With so many redirects available, it is necessary to check the redirects from time to time.

Site redirection ensures traffic redirects

Using a redirect link tracker will ensure that your website traffic is not affected. For example, you own a brand that sells only one product online, and you introduce a new product line. Switching to a brand domain name will help you target a wider audience. But previous visitors may not find your new website if they enter the old URL.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the 301 redirect code to avoid losing the existing traffic. And if you do, using a 301 redirect checker will help you ensure that your new domain is redirecting traffic from the old domain. It is an effective way to redirect a website without harming your SEO.